The iCompass team is composed of academics and engineers specialized in Information technology, mathematics and linguistics. The team's services cater to the needs of public and private institutions, as well as public figures and groups in order to assist them with their digital strategic plans, communication and marketing. They work around the clock using the latest technologies, such as digital reputation analysis and evaluation, Chatbot, Churn identification, and other consulting services.

ICompass is also unique thanks to its innovative language processing technology; and linguistic barriers are no longer an obstacle for the team. Indeed, they have developed a program that makes it possible to process even Arabic and African dialects.

The scientific research team represent 80 % of the company's human resources; they give their utmost importance to continuous academic professional development to create smart solutions and enrich scientific research publications.

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We at iCompass, value integrity, commitment, diversity, and know-how, to deliver innovative, anticipatory, reliable customer-centric services.


At iCompass, we are committed to making an innovative contribution to the digital transformation in the MENA and Africa regions. ... Read more We bring the latest R&D smart solutions to the economy by liberalising digital communication and providing a deeper machine understanding of standard languages and dialects.


We provide innovative IT services adapted to our customers’ needs, culture and language. We support customers in their digital transformation, digital marketing communication, and customer care.


Bridging the digital gap between clients and partners by means of: proactive action, timely response, and multilingual communication, increasing customer loyalty and retention, improving digital reputation.



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